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Why Service Freight Warehousing?


Warehousing, distribution and order fulfillment all come together here! Here are just some of the reasons to choose Service Freight Warehousing as your partner:

Custom Fulfillment Services
— it’s not a one-size-fits-all world, we get it and tailor services to meet your needs.

Cost Advantages — Focus capital on growth, not fixed warehouse costs. Pay only for warehouse spaced used and don’t tie up budget on fixed warehouse employee wages.

Small Business Focused — Our warehousing and fulfillment business is built one small business at a time, each with unique needs.

Ontario, Canada Gateway
— Whether your business is based here or abroad, our Toronto area location provides fast fulfillment across Canada.

Logistics Experts — Our Service Freight Systems arm is a full-service 3PL transportation brokerage with access to top tier, competing carriers.

Service Commitment — We deliver what we promise and customer service is the foundation of our success. Our focus is to exceed your expectations!


Why Service Freight Warehousing

So what are you waiting for? Let’s discuss your warehousing, distribution and order fulfillment needs and get started on a customized plan to cut costs and improve your operations today!

Service Freight Warehousing - providing order fulfillment and distribution services to small and mid-sized business across Canada, the United States and internationally Located in Greater Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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