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Cost Advantages


Save with Service Freight Warehousing

Focus on marketing and growing your business and leave warehousing and fulfillment to us. Start-ups and small businesses are cost conscious, and rightly so. Your initial success is based on creating sales and saving money wherever possible — all while delivering great customer service.

Improving service and efficiency is what we do best and creating maximum value for your business is our commitment to you.

Manage Your Business, Not Warehousing Staff and Save

We realize employee costs are much more than wages and that your expertise does not lie in warehousing and logistics. We have an experienced team who is exclusively focused on warehousing, distribution, and order fulfillment.

Right from the start, you:

  • Get trained staff fully capable of meeting your service requirements

  • Never incur payroll based expenses (EI, pension costs, WSIB, etc)

  • Don’t have to administer and supervise warehouse/fulfillment employees

  • Have no education and training costs

  • Will never be overstaffed (looking for make-work projects) or understaffed (scrambling to make hasty, and costly hiring decisions)


cost advantages

Turn High Fixed Costs into Manageable Variable Costs

Don’t pay for more warehouse space than you require. Whether you’re a growing company who will incrementally need more space or established and have fluctuating inventory levels, reduce costs by paying only for the space you need and use.

Maximum cost savings and cash flow availability is yours when costs vary more closely with your revenue streams. Contact us to learn more!

Service Freight Warehousing - providing order fulfillment and distribution services to small and mid-sized business across Canada, the United States and internationally Located in Greater Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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