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Service Freight Warehousing — Big Fans of Small Business


Small businesses are meant to grow, and our objective is to help make that happen. If you’re a small or mid-sized business owner with big ideas, then let’s talk about warehousing and order fulfillment distribution services that will support your growth plans.

If you’ve outgrown your current storage requirements — your basement, garage, storage unit, or existing small warehouse space — it’s time for Service Freight Warehousing.

Small Business – Big Market Opportunity

Our modern Toronto (Ontario Canada) based multi-client warehouse boasts many tens of thousands of square feet and is super clean (in fact, we’re a food- grade, quality-inspected facility). We serve many small and mid-sized businesses (SMEs), each with different needs. Our ideal warehouse location means fast and inexpensive delivery access to one of North America’s largest consumer markets. Going global? We provide you any distribution option out there to ship to international markets.

small to mid-size buisness

Is your business too small? Likely not! Contact us for a quote!

Service Freight Warehousing - providing order fulfillment and distribution services to small and mid-sized business across Canada, the United States and internationally Located in Greater Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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