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Our Distribution and Logistics Service is YOUR Strength


At Service Freight Warehousing, our third party logistics (3PL) and distribution services stand above the rest. We draw warehousing and distribution logistics expertise from a network of in-house experience to provide your growing small or mid-sized business the best transportation-distribution at the best value.

Cost Effective Quality Distribution Service

We leverage our 3PL transportation brokerage company, Service Freight Systems, to coordinate the most efficient and cost-effective distribution solutions for your business. You are not stuck with one transportation company (or courier) provider. Best in class distribution services under one roof — just another benefit of counting on Service Freight Warehousing as your third-party logistics and fulfillment distribution partner.

Best of all, the process is seamless and you’re not bogged down with distribution and logistics details.


For more information on our complete warehousing and 3PL distribution service, contact us today and get a quote!

Service Freight Warehousing - providing order fulfillment and distribution services to small and mid-sized business across Canada, the United States and internationally Located in Greater Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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